Yay! It’s my Birthday

“Mum, what does it feel like to be an adult?”
“Hey darling, you have so many opportunities that I didn’t have. You’re alive, so live every moment”

These lines have been with me for two years now and Yes, I choose to live!

Hi guys,
It’s been over two decades and I feel elated to have tread this path of life. I’ve been struggling to write a Birthday post for some hours now and I don’t think I have the right words just yet.
What does it feel like to be ME?
The highs and lows of my journey have shaped what you see in this small embodiment. I still don’t know what to type, but seriously, one thing I’m certain about is, if the curtains were to be drawn just now, I could say I’ve fought a good fight. I could say I’ve tried.
The trials, the smiles, the storms and the fun of LIFE have put me at an edge where I feel feeble yet strong, shy yet bold enough to do “what’s right”. Moreover, it’s been a great ride and I can conveniently call myself an adult 😂😂- I’ve been a rebel, broken rules, opposed archaic ideas by my parents, paid my bills, dealt with stress and anxiety, invested, made wrong choices and woken up so early just to catch a ride to work. So yes, I’m an adult! 😂

Here’s to every strength I gained along the way, every norm I broke, every step I took and every height I attained.
I celebrate myself for hanging in there. For giving myself one more reason to stay alive, one more reason to try again. Mental Health issues are serious conditions and I am proud of myself for how far I have come. This wouldn’t be possible without my family and friends, my great support system. I appreciate every one of you for being part of my journey and helping me see reasons to smile again. Thank God for his unending Grace!

Hey Tee, you’re super amazing and Yes, you deserve every love that’s coming your way😊

Moreover, the Lockdown has given me more reasons to love myself. I’m surrounded by people who make great goals and projections for the future, but I take everyday one at a time. Actually I’m one of those who get less excited about Birthdays with each passing year; Few days ago, I had no idea how my day would go, but I wanted something different this year (well, thanks to Rona, I got something entirely different). So, I’m back to living every moment like my mum said
Hey dear readers, critiques and buddies. I appreciate you for coming here everytime to read and share your opinions. Thanks for helping me relieve every moment. Thanks for being part of this journey, and while I tick the items on my bucket list, I hope we would be together long enough to share more memories.

Here’s to year 2# ✌
I choose to live!
I choose to be happy!!
I choose to be ME!!!
Happy Birthday Titilope Rachael Adesola Adewusi


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