Early mornings of random thoughts: Who Made The Rules?

What do I do when I find it hard to sleep? I imagine so many scenarios and recreate memories until I fall asleep.

It’s 3:10 am and I haven’t slept.

While having my usual random thoughts, I realized, as young adults, we make rules without stating them verbally(or we make them unknowingly)
You know how there’s a ‘bro-code’ without necessarily stating every rule, but we all know when and how to apply it? Yes, there’s a ‘young adult code’ (Haha bite me!)

We are part of a generation of people who are defined by our refusal to be defined” -Yara

Who made the rule of calling your friends, instead, when you know you’ll be out for long?
The way we ask “are you ready” to allow someone or others adjust (or straighten their clothes) before we take those snapshots?
How, whoever gets to class first explains to the Lecturer why the rest haven’t arrived (without necessarily knowing the truth)
How we all cover up our mistakes and save a friend’s face when their parents show up unexpectedly?
Who made these rules?

How we say “Good morning” at the beginning of every call or conversation?
Why do we have to ask “are you sure” when the other person already affirmed to whatever question we asked?
How it’s necessary to tell your close circle about your newly found admirer (and then you sulk when you hear their not-so-good comments)?
We are indecisive on sooo many things that we’ve refused to conform with “normal” rules. We’ve gone ahead to recreate every single thing our old buddies tagged “beautiful and classy”
What’s litty and trendy? 😂😂
Moreover, who said colour blocking is the new “beautiful and classy”?
Colour blocking/riot, mismatched colours or polychrome? 😖😖
Why wear crops on baggy jeans? Or Denims on shorts?
Male Celebrities now wear skirts?
Why Trap music?
Who made the rules?

You shouldn’t blame me for my thoughts😂 and you sincerely don’t have to agree with me, but think about it!
Why call a sibling rather than a parent?
How about the gender wars? And the newly found freedom of identification we’ve embraced?

These acts are subtly done that we barely think if we’re actually doing the ‘right thing’
Why do we always end every call or meeting with “we’ll talk later or I’ll call you”
Why we think if we haven’t listed everything we’ve done, we haven’t achieved so much?
Why we feel saying “I miss you” means we really care.
We’ve refused to be constrained by old rules that we’ve made so many new ones for ourselves, unknowingly!

I’m in bed and it’s 4:55am, so you seriously can’t blame me for having these thoughts.

I think this is a great way to say I miss you all.
Yassss Sweethearts, I really do!

What other rule(s) do you think young adults take seriously without necessarily knowing they are doing so?

It’s 5:46 am already and I’ll be posting this without editing.
As a young adult, I don’t follow rules, you know? Haha 😂😂

Good Morning faves 💖💖💖


10 thoughts on “Early mornings of random thoughts: Who Made The Rules?

  1. It is a definitely lovely write-up, got me laughing and thinking at almost the same time. Keep it up babes and happy birthday to you. 🎉🎊

    Liked by 1 person

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