AGE: Hey, I’m more mature than y’all. I’ve spent longer years on planet earth than you have. I don’t have so much experience neither do I have deep knowledge about things, but I’ve lived long enough to be tagged “old”. You might know it all or might have seen it all, but you will still need my counsel. Call me SAGE

KNOWLEDGE: Hey, I’m more mature than you are. I’ve done researches far and wide. I know history and I can apply basic tactics to life. I’ve met with great minds and I’ve read great pieces. I know it all; I think outside the box. Call me SMART

EXPERIENCE: Hey, I’m more mature than you are. I’ve seen it all. I might be young and not have so much knowledge about everything, but I can always deal with whatever life throws at me. I’ve been through the highs and the lows. I survived when LIFE did her thing. Call me STOIC.

Are you Sage? Smart?? Stoic???
Is maturity a combination of two of these or all three?
What exactly is MATURITY?

Everyone is growing old, but not everyone is growing up


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