It’s that time of the year when we make decisions to turn a new leaf and I am literally screaming “HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!”
“I am going into the new year as a better version of myself” “New year, new me” “I will unleash the genius in me” “I will stop procrastinating” “I will improve on myself” “I will …………” haha

We are all familiar with these confessions, no doubt, but how many of us actually stick to them? So, my question: IS NEW YEAR RESOLUTION NECESSARY?

Goal setting is a great practice: Short term and Long term goals help you keep track of your growth and progress. I’m aware some buddies have made a long list of things to do and heights to attain this year. These set of people are always working towards something; they tend to prioritize some things over others. Most of them are always under pressure and become sad when they don’t meet up with these resolutions
However, there are those who just live life as it comes. Those who fall in this category are mostly stoic; they are prepared to take whatever life throws at them and they endure during difficult times. Not being an expectant puts them under less or no pressure at all.
To juxtapose, new year resolutions are necessary, but how realistic are your goals and aspirations? You beat yourself so hard, so what happens when you don’t achieve them? Do you feel less of yourself? How do you stay sane when LIFE does her thing? Do you become desolate and tag yourself a failure? On the other hand, you don’t make new year resolutions, you try your best to stay “real”. But hey, how do you deal with life when you’re not expecting certain experiences? Do you feel like you have no direction?
Weird as this may sound, at some point in the new year, both parties will be on an even ground. Most resolutions will be forgotten few months into the year or before the end of January!
So, my conclusion-Set goals if you need to, but let them be within reach. Don’t set vague goals. You don’t want to be overwhelmed three weeks into the new year because you are trying to prove a point. You need to be deliberate about everything you do. Start with one, pace yourself, celebrate little wins and embrace life.
Also, don’t make goals if you won’t keep up. I once read somewhere that these people tend to be happier since they live life as it comes. Hey dear, I know you’re not making resolutions, but why don’t you work on improving yourself one day at a time. You can always achieve a lot while you’re still exploring other things.

There were things you set to achieve last year, why don’t you keep working on them this year?
A resolution is a goal, but a goal is not a resolution!
As cliché as this may sound, our ‘VISION 2020’ is here!!!


Please like, share and drop your comments.

2019 spurred a lot of changes and I appreciate you all who supported and encouraged me. It’s a new year and I hope to be consistent with this!


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