Hey Man Crush Monday! 💞

He’s a KING.

King of hearts, but No, he’s not your regular!

Tall and witty; Crazy and sweet.

His eyes, his legs, his weird moves-then a kiss to my forehead;

It’s not what I used to know-Not the regular mushy routine, Not the “breakfast in bed” theme.

This is IT. Yes! (Atleast, this is what my heart believes);

He’s a “no stress” bunny. Pretty difficult sometimes (Oh Yeah!), but guess what? He’s the “down to earth” buddy;

He’s not nice, but sweet and naughty;

He’s the guy who doesn’t check up on everyone, but takes care of everyone;

He’s the ‘BUSY’ guy-not quick to answer his cellphone-and goes off without saying goodnight;

He’s the guy who forgets to buzz you, but also forgets his grudges against you;

He doesn’t stress anything, and no, he doesn’t have it all;

He’s the free and happy king.

Show him no empathy for all he wants is knowing someone truly cares about him.

Send him love and light for all he needs is support and strength;

Embrace his flaws, celebrate his imperfections and you become his buddy.

He’s a genius. A real brainy, but, he’s still that sweet dumb bunny everyone wishes for.

*Music, animations, games, books, gadgets and hoodies bring LIFE to him*

HIS VIBE IS REAL. (Be careful not to fall)

Remember, he’s a king and No,

He’s not your regular!



7 thoughts on “Hey Man Crush Monday! 💞

      1. I have read this over and over again. It’s just so good 🥺
        I’ve always known you had it in you. This is just evidence 🤗♥️

        Liked by 1 person

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