Where are you now?
What are you doing?
What are you up to?
How far have you gone?

From the part of the world I belong to, these questions are intrinsic parts of Life. They are ‘scales’ used to measure how one has progressed in LIFE. They are applied to various aspects such as work-life, education (school), relationship, next step, and so much more. If you’ve never been asked any of these, then, you’re probably ‘nowhere’.

Every stage and height you attain, either makes you a success or a failure. This leaves me perplexed because when one is at crossroads and one is neither here nor there, one becomes a victim to these questions.
“Where are you now?” “What’s your next move?” ‘Why haven’t you gone past this stage?”, are questions people deal with often. To add that these questions don’t often come from well-wishers is even more heartbreaking; “Where are you now?” is just a euphemism for “how far have you gone in life?”. Thus, reactions to these questions vary on the individual: Some become despondent and make irrational decisions, while some create a façade as though they’re actually working towards a goal.
However, with a sincere heart, you should ponder on these questions and assess yourself on how far you’ve truly gone in life. You don’t have to be a victim!

NOTE: The reactions to these questions are dependent on the tone with which they are spoken: It might be offensive, calm or sincere.

Stay Guided! ❤



Here’s a link to a great song titled SOJA (Soldier) by SOORE. It’s been on repeat for a while now, please listen.



13 thoughts on “The ‘WHERE ARE YOU NOW’ Scale

  1. I totally relate to this.
    I get upset lots of times because it just seems like a lot of people are insensitive towards people’s feelings.
    Most times people I haven’t talked to in a lonngggg time hit me up with things like “hey, so are you in school now?” Or some stupid ass question and I’m like 😲 oh yeah I’m fine thanks for asking.
    The ‘where are you now’ scale (where am I now***) is for you alone, it’s for your own PRIVATE sober reflection!
    In summary, we (people!😬) need to do better! Unless you know, you want to send money for my fees or something, don’t ask stupid questions!☺ Thank you.
    Ps: I love you Titi😅. This is one long ass comment😩.

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  2. This particular statement uttered carelessly by so many people used to get to me. However, I realized that my position mentally, physically, financially, etc should be known to me and me alone. I don’t owe anyone an explanation especially when we are not even that close.

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  3. This is entirely true. Although, we should not be easily pressured into doing stuff just because we want to provide answers to these questions but we should sit down to measure what we have done and what we still have to do. This is not to “measure up” or to “be on the same level” as our “mates” but to evaluate, regroup, make necessary changes, and to see progress and advancement. The questions should be “What was my goal?”, “What actions have I taken to see to the fulfilment of this goal?”, “Are there any limitations?”, “Are my current relationships and interactions seeing to the fulfilment or inhibition of this goal?”. Don’t want to blog within the blog😂 but thank you so much for this. In spite of all, make we remember say because plenty people wey dey the bus enter from the same place, no mean say dem dey go the same place.

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