“Thoughts should be expressed freely-everyone entitled to their opinion”

My intention wasn’t to come up here to quote other people’s views. But hey! The responses I’ve gotten since I made my last post have been massive. I listened to you guys and I’m here with a follow-up on the topic “IS SCHOOL SCAM?”.

The aforementioned theme has garnered so many perspectives and I feel overwhelmed; I must say I’m at crossroads myself!!!

The following are excerpts from a group chat I had with people of different academic backgrounds (classroom scholars, home-schooled folks, self-taught geniuses and online-lecture takers). They school home and abroad, but share the same nationality- Nigeria.

“School is the biggest time-wasting stereotype ever created” one said! But, don’t you think years without the basic education we had would have been a waste?

“School messed me up; school ruined my creativity. Our minds shouldn’t be made to fit into the four corners of a building. School doesn’t give room for diversity; It encourages students to be conformists. I will excel in school yeah, but it is a scam still!”—-JOSIE

“I don’t know if it’s the Nigerian educational system, but education here is messed up! The curriculum has ‘expired’; We are still learning what our parents learnt several years ago. Things are evolving- there’s the artificial intelligence and other innovations that can enhance learning. Our methods here are becoming obsolete- School has, is and will always be scam to me. How do we change the world if we are all expected to be alike?”—-EDDIE

“Too bad we all have lost it (the essence of school/schooling). Our educational system here is flawed but the origination of schooling is to enhance our intellectual-physically and mentally”—-AMARA

“The school is not the problem. You can go to school and not get educated; you can be educated and not go to school. This doesn’t mean there’s no purpose for not going to school- We need to go to the four walls of a confinement to learn some things. You can’t say school is scam because you are in a system that doesn’t work for you. Airheads who are produced from schools shouldn’t be counted as the school’s fault; most people lack PURPOSE. School is a tunnel, not a door to an endpoint”—-WOLE

“It’s all dependent on your career choice. There’s a reason music is taught as a degree but not everyone makes great ‘hits’ after four years in college. A freestyle might be your big hit. Thus, know what you want to do and figure out the best way to go about it”—-MOYIN

“School is not the problem, neither is it a catalyst for guaranteed success. We don’t need school to survive. We don’t need the stereotype to survive. All we need are our minds in the right frame; follow passion not systems”—-AYO

“In today’s schooling system, results of good students are sold to the ‘not so good’ ones who are ready to pay any amount. Most times, it’s about the result not the performance”—ADUNOLA

“School is not a scam. You go to school to educate the mind, to acquire knowledge. What you do with the knowledge acquired is totally dependent on you. In most instances, employers look for skills rather than degrees, but still expect to see a degree”—-ADA

“We should debunk the idea of school being a scam. The idea is so grave because of how we were brought up. If we were taught with different means and educated in ways we enjoyed, I can bet some opinions would change”—-OZIOMA

“School has an important role to play, but too much importance is attached to it. If one ends up in a career outside what he studied in school, he will still make smarter choices -in some situations- than one who is not educated. School gives a foundation to discover interests and talents”—-DIVINE

At this juncture, I can only say school is paramount, yes! But don’t limit yourself to the confinement of a building to get educated!!!

It was a long read! I really appreciate every single person who contributed to the success of this write-up. I couldn’t post everything up here. There’s more to share with you all!

Merci mes amies! ❤




14 thoughts on “RESPONSE -“IS SCHOOL SCAM?”

  1. Reading the views got me thinking really hard_ is school a scam or nah? I still don’t know, maybe one day I’ll come up with an answer; but, for now, keep this up!

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