Hey fam! Thanks for reading my first post. The love and support I’ve received since then have been massive.

So here we go. Yes, we’re talking about EDUCATION!!!
I heard school is the “guy” between life and LIFE. However, some say “SCHOOL IS SCAM”. I have received firsthand experience on this but my friends-home and abroad-have shared real experiences on their pursuit of education. I’m at a point where I’m considering the essence of spending so many years in college. So, my question, How Much Of A Scam Is School?
Growing up was intense, we had great experiences. We set goals (short and long term). We wanted to have great careers. Our parents were catalysts to being this “perfect” being. Some wore strange personas. Time passed by, we grew up to understand there was a difference between Career and Passion. I hear people say these two won’t clash if you know what you want in life. But how do I know when I’m supposed to be taught some real-life lessons in SCHOOL.
A mentor once said, “don’t let schooling affect your education”. That’s deep! You spend years in school but end up feeling useless when you’re out. You miss out on great opportunities because you had projects to do. Your Lecturer is the “bad guy”; he’ll rather fail you than give you a pass mark. How about skill acquisition??? Just a few can boast of possessing real skills. You can’t help yourself when you run out of cash; you go to your old buddies and you feel embarrassed asking them for stipends. You keep late nights only to end up failing the test. You feel like you’re a failure…..THEN DEPRESSION KICKS IN! It’s funny how things have evolved – There’s always been the post-graduation depression, but I learnt about the pre-graduation depression. You’re in your final year and you can’t help but think of how you’ll put your life together. You realize you’re not ready to face the world. Finally, the post-graduation trauma; you feel like you’re competing with LIFE. Then It becomes SURVIVING not EXPLORING…it becomes EXISTING not LIVING.
Here’s a plot twist: Imagine not going to school. Paint a picture of yourself without the classes and experiences you had. The relationships and foundations you built. Life without those years in School will be a “waste”. So, we can say we go to school to pass away time! School is important. Imagine dealing with basic life situations without applying an idea you got from school? Education in Finland should be an example to the world.
However, some folks were home-schooled and they turned out great! Online classes have changed so many things.
So why do you have to be within the four walls of a controlled environment to succeed?
School is here to stay. So, GET OUT THERE AND CHALLENGE YOURSELF!!!

Thanks for reading. This is a wide topic and everything can’t be expressed up here. There might be a follow-up on this depending on the reviews I get.


11 thoughts on “IS SCHOOL SCAM???

  1. School is a scan because mostly we go there to learn how to memorise and not get educated. In retrospect, it’s about relativity and varies with the individual. Some apply this “memorised” knowledge, others don’t. School isn’t the scam, people just don’t know the reason it was created.

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  2. Well, considering the fact that we live in a society where “it’s not WHAT you know, its WHO you know”, I would say school is a scam, then the Educational standard in our country Nigeria makes it even worse. Take the university for instance, it frustrates you before you get in, when you’re in, and on your way out. Then when one is done, without having connections, one should be prepared for another level of frustration.
    People out there are excelling in careers they never studied in school while some feed from hand to mouth because of what they studied in school. School is a scam, a really big scam.

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    1. A multi dimensional analysis of this situation is necessary, for some, school is paramount, for others, it’s not and for some, it’s just a basic stereotype that they have to experience.
      My major addition to this topic is basic; School is not for Education, it is Meant to Groom You in Particular areas of academic qualifications and Knowledge. You are better off Serving as a Househelp for an Igbo man for 7years and he will set up a business for you after that time frame, if you look at it, the person that learnt the trade might not have academic prowess but he is far more educated in handling life issues than a Graduate of Physics in Nigeria. Your Choices will reflect your actions, Make the right choice.

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  3. I feel like School isn’t a scam. We fail to understand that schools have a specific purpose, and while our educational system in Nigeria is nothing to write home about – meaning even the purpose of schools aren’t effectively carried out here- it isn’t their responsibility to teach you life lessons! a lot of people think they’re supposed to learn everything and be everything in school forgetting there’s the outside world. The school is overrated, because WE overrate it. There’s your society, your friends, your own personal thirst for knowledge. The school can only do so much for you. You are in control of your life. YOU choose how and what knowledge YOU want to acquire.

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